Hair Straighteners: Titanium Vs Ceramic

Hair straighteners, or flat irons, have been around for over a decade now, and many different types have been produced in that time. Differences in style, heat settings, heating technology and most notably, plate materials. The plates, or blades, are the point of contact between the hair and the hair tool, and therefore, can be of huge significance when it comes to how your iron performs. Up through the late 1990′s, Teflon or aluminum plates were pretty much the common material. As innovation progressed, hair tool developers realized that these materials cause hot spots, and damage to the hair due to the uneven heat distribution.

In the early 2000′s, a ceramic coating was placed on the aluminum plates. This coating provided a more even heat distribution, and less damaging effects to the hair. It wasn’t long before some companies started developing solid ceramic plates. The solid ceramic plates have great heat distribution, but are brittle, and over time can crack. These cracks end up snagging the hair and give the user a terrible hair straightening experience.

Although ceramic is still being used in many large brands such as CHI and Conair, it has its issues. The manufacturing process for ceramic coated plates is not high tech. Molten ceramic material is sprayed like paint, onto the contact surface of the aluminum plates. The plates are then kiln-heated to cure. The small layer of ceramic that is approximately 0.2mm in thickness, doesn’t provide an extreme amount of protection from the heaters within the aluminum plates. Also, the difference in properties from the aluminum and ceramic cause the materials to detach over time, and eventually the coating rubs off, giving you essentially, an old-fashioned aluminum hair straightener from the 1990′s.

In the mid 2000′s, companies like Ozon and Babyliss discovered the properties of titanium could make a better flat iron. By 2011, titanium had become the newly accepted professional choice by hairdressers. The titanium plates widely used today are not 100% solid titanium, but rather, an alloy commonly referred to as nano titanium, which has just enough of the element to get the desired properties, without getting the undesired ones. Titanium plates last for years, never crack or scratch, and outlive the iron itself. The composition of the plates also give the plates the most even and responsive heat distribution, giving no hot spots, and allowing the iron to glide smoothly through the hair.

In conclusion, in the battle vs. ceramic and titanium flat irons, titanium wins without question. Ceramic irons perform as well as a titanium iron, for the first month or so, but after time, the plates, whether solid or coated, give way, and eventually snag and damage hair.

10 Ways a Freelance Copywriter Can Lighten the Load for Software Marketers

There are plenty of compelling reasons why software marketers should utilize a professional freelance copywriter to achieve their objectives. Here are10 attractive benefits:

1. Results

A professional freelance copywriter possesses the skill, expertise and ability to craft “spot-on” materials that hit home with a target audience and compel buyers to act. A freelance professional is more than just a writer. With the mindset of a marketer, a copywriter is adept at motivating prospects through persuasive messaging, which can lead to shorter sales cycles and increased ROI.

2. Cost effectiveness

Tight budgets necessitate smart decisions. Outsourcing work to a professional freelance copywriter will save you money and increase your bottom line. Since a freelancer works on a per-job basis, the company pays only for specific projects – you pay for their writing, and that’s it. The return on your relatively small investment will pay for itself many times over in the form of effective marketing and increased sales.

3. Economize time

You and your staff have myriad tasks to complete, and never enough time to do them all. Writing can be a painfully slow, time-consuming process for those not accustomed to crafting copy. A professional copywriter relieves you of that burden and frees up more time in the workday for you to perform your central duties. Why be bogged down for two weeks with an intensive writing project when you can hand it off to a freelancer and have it skillfully completed in a matter of days?

4. Professionalism

Credibility is of utmost importance in all your marketing materials. With a professional freelance copywriter, you can expect work that meets and exceeds your level of excellence, and accept nothing less. As part of their contract, freelancers normally offer a set of revisions, if requested, to assure the company satisfied with the copy. Outsourcing could actually raise your standards, because a freelancer is not a permanent employee but someone whose success requires their best possible work with every project.

5. Increased productivity

Very few employees in your company specialize in writing. Some have the gift, but most don’t. They weren’t hired to be writers, nor is writing their area of expertise. By keeping your talented employees focused on what they do best, productivity is maximized. Same with morale. Outsourcing your writing tasks to a freelance professional gives you the best of both worlds – quality copy and better ROI from your work force.

6. A promoter’s mindset

A professional copywriter is highly skilled in crafting “call-to-action” marketing materials which promote your business in the most effective way possible. By combining exemplary writing skills and an understanding of marketing and advertising, a copywriter is able to present your business in ways that get noticed and generate response.

7. Fresh perspective

A copywriter brings his own ideas and creative concepts to every project. Most of this knowledge is based on research and interviews with those in your target market. By “taking the pulse” of your customers and incorporating their feedback into your marketing campaign, a copywriter makes use of valuable input which might have been otherwise overlooked.

8. Specialist on demand

Some copywriters work within a “niche” market, such as software and technology. And within these focused markets, freelancers take an even more targeted approach and specialize in case studies and white papers, for example. So your company could use one freelancer whose specialty is in that arena, and another whose focus is direct mail. In doing so, you’re assured of quality work by an experienced professional in that particular field rather than a “jack-of-all-trades” writer.

9. Clean, crisp copy

In addition to receiving copy that “sings” from a professional copywriter, you can expect it to be clean, concise and error-free. Misspelled words and typos can make your company look amateurish and lessen the credibility of your marketing. With a professional copywriter, you’ll get proofread copy and peace of mind knowing there won’t be any costly mistakes.

10. On time, every time

A professional copywriter puts a premium on meeting deadlines – every time – without exception. Punctuality is ingrained in the job description. Whether you outsource the entire project or need assistance on a particular aspect, a professional copywriter makes it a priority to deliver work on time to keep your marketing operation running smoothly, without delay.

The takeaway? Marketing and communication are two of the most vital components to your company’s success. Using a professional copywriter for your important writing tasks makes smart business sense.

Do All Those How to Fix Credit Products and Services Really Work?

Can you really believe all the hype surrounding the many how to fix credit products and services that are currently flooding the internet market place these days. As with any product or service, it basically remains the same: buyer beware. Before choosing any of the how to fix credit products or services currently being offered to you on the Internet, you must first do a few things. Always do your own market research, that’s crucial. You have to take your time and go through the many companies and various offers that are out there. You absolutely must know exactly what services they specialize in, and how that coincides with you, according to your own unique situation and needs.

So, after you begin to get familiar with the how to fix credit market place and all its products and services, your probably wondering what comes next. Well, now it’s time for you to start considering whether you prefer the “DIY” method, or do you prefer working with a trained professional. Just in case there is somebody out there not sure what the “DIY” means, it’s simply the “Do It Yourself” method. A person who decides on this type of help would simply purchase a how to fix credit product and implement its exact strategies in order to achieve there desired goal. There are many pluses and minuses to both of these types of credit repair programs, so generally it will come down to your own personal preference (some people really would rather do it themselves), and finances.

And now for the most important lesson to remember out of all of this. After all your research, after all the decisions you have made up to this point, and everything you believed and thought you learned about the how to fix credit market place, what was, or who was your resource? Is this resource well informed in this field. Are they reliable and trust worthy. And how can you be sure of all this. Did you also check that they only deal with those companies who are compliant with all the rules and regulations that govern this industry. These are things you must be aware of if you want to avoid scams, worthless products and services, and otherwise just a bunch of garbage that does not really work.

So whether it’s a how to fix credit product (credit repair), debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt management, or bad credit loans, always go to a leading resource with a good reputation, and make sure they are also affiliated with the leaders in the industry so you know that not only will you be working with the best in the business, but that the product or service you are using will actually be able to help you get through the difficulties you are now facing.